Be A Volunteer - YFC is helping young lives every day.
So can you!

Volunteering is amazing. Investing in youth today makes for stronger communities tomorrow. In addition to the most important benefit of helping young lives move forward, you'll really enjoy yourself too. Whether you are looking to invest in the community, fulfill volunteer hours requirements, gain experience in youth work, or looking to build friendships and contribute, YFC will be a good place to start. Please review the volunteers guidelines for more information about volunteering with us.

Little time, or lots of time... Some experience, no experience... Work with youth, help in other ways... Being part of the board, being part of a single event... Contact us now to find out more about getting involved!

Volunteer Guidelines


YFC believes in involving volunteers in the provision of its programs, services and resources. We believe that by working together we will create a community of Hope, and that as we work together true community begins to form. As an organization our goals include :

To recruit volunteers who represent the ethnic, cultural and economic diversity of the communities of Westman.

To plan and develop programs which reflect the current needs of our communities.

To provide opportunities which promote skill development and personal development of each of our volunteers.

What is a Volunteer?

A volunteer is an individual who works in a recognized position without financial compensation by our organization.

A volunteer is an individual who contributes their time and talents and is supervised by an assigned staff member.

A volunteer is an individual who is an essential member of our team, and whose opinions and suggestions are encouraged and valued.

A volunteer is an individual who is recognized for their contribution of time, expertise and talent.

A volunteer has fulfilled YFC Westman application requirements (varies by role).

Top 11 reasons to volunteer

1 To make a real difference in the world around you.

2 To learn something about yourself.

3 Volunteer doing something you love, and it will be amazing! Because you're passionate about a cause.

4 Experience is key!

5 From the time you get home 'til the time you go to bed, you park your backside in front of the TV. Honestly. Don't be bored, be productive!!

6 You can learn a ton from volunteering, and what a great way to add stuff to your resume for future jobs or college applications!

7 Maybe you need to volunteer for 50 hours, and you want it to be significant. Awesome! Make someone else's day.

8 Your extra little effort to help someone or some organization out can make a world of a difference to them.

9 The reason you want to go to an awesome college is so you can work at an awesome not-for-profit. Teel good about yourself!

10 Know you did something great. Really great. Be proud of yourself. Heck, treat yourself to some ice cream. It's time to DO SOMETHING!

11 Apathy is boring.

Volunteer Application