Uturn is the move from semi-independent living to independent living for youth aged 19 to 30. Here we provide a stable living environment and training for employability as well as for independent living situations. Youth experience independent living opportunities by becoming responsible for their own apartment and furniture and living in a small community of other renters. Here they plan and prepare their own meals and engage in personal development activities that will place them in good stead when they leave Uturn and enter the larger community while maintaining the stability they have taken from Uturn.

Here the youth live in separate apartments and share laundry facilities. Each tenant has the opportunity to interact with one another in their daily lives and have the freedom to make use of one anothers’ skill sets for independent living. There are numerous apartments in Uturn and program tenants are afforded the opportunity of applying for one.

The Personal Development Plans in Uturn are specifically designed to equip youth with life skills so that they can walk themselves from dependence on others and various agencies to complete independence. The Uturn staff run regular workshops and challenges with the youth engaging the help of the community as presenters and supporters. It is in this that the youth build the community that they are now learning about to a point where they are not going to be alone on their departure from the Uturn program.

At Uturn it is a program requirement to maintain a full time job or full time employment. There are some youth who manage to hold down a part time combination of both and do so with the aid of mentors the we draw from the community, from people like you.

Would you join with us and make a difference in the lives of these youth at risk?

Skill Development Centre

This training, or facilitation room, is part of the Uturn-3 facility. It is used as the learning centre for all Uturn (1-3) residents to provide individual and group coaching for life growth.