Shaun Funk

Shaun began working with Youth For Christ in Uturn about 2 years ago as a Youth Worker, and recently stepped into the role of Director of Operations. Shaun loves his new role as it gives him the ability to not only mentor youth from homelessness to independence, but share that experience and ask others to join in as well. Shaun is a certified teacher and loves walking alongside staff, volunteers, and youth, hearing their stories and spending time sharing with them, and learning from them.

Shaun has a lovely wife Vicki, and two beautiful daughters, Emily and Kylie. They are the joy of his heart and they drive him to become the man he desires to be. Shaun is the tallest member of the Youth for Christ family. You’ll find him ducking through a few doorways and driving larger than average cars. He loves to play volleyball and spend time working out at the gym. When you encounter his towering frame in the community – take a minute and join him in enjoying a cup of coffee. He would love to hear your story and share more of his stories with you too!